Our Mission

To exceed our customers expectations with
innovative Assurance, and further our clients’ goals by
providing them with holistic high quality multilingual
and educational solutions, and helping them conceive,
design and implement solutions for their knowledge &
learning content strategy.

Our Vision

Fostering a culture of excellence in order to become the foremost consultancy, training and learning provider at the national and regional level, and a world class company in its area of focus that inspires high quality training and education services to meet the challenges
of education, work, and life.

Our Services


service covers design through a wide range of media and
suits requirement and budget of any client. Customers often
have an unclear idea of where to start a project.

Gamification VR and AR

We are a solid team of localization and multimedia
experts to produce the highest quality localized products on schedule. We will adapt your website or software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of the target audience and market.


specializes in designing and developing
E-Content learning solutions based on client’s requirements,
researching in what is the state of the art in the field of education
and how to reach the maximum learning values using the
most interesting methodologies available.

Learning Solutions

provides high quality professional translation
between Arabic and English to clients of a wide range of industries.
We specialize in these languages only to ensure that we are able
to provide prompt, efficient, and accurate translation, thanks to our
well-qualified, experienced translators, reviewers and editors.


We provide interpreting services to organizations and businesses that need to communicate with their non-native speaking clients. We have highly skilled interpreters to provide a range of phone interpreting services.

Subtitling and Dubbing

provides excellent linguistic and technical
resources necessary for clients to expand outreach by
providing subtitles and dubbing for their media

Needs Assessment and Consulting

We offer the language and branding expertise to assess
any name or tagline quickly and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary
challenges later on.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

We offer an integrated translation and typesetting solution
for clients interested in producing high quality publications or
graphics for web or print distribution. We will ensure that source
files are properly internationalized.